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2014 Blanket Drive/Ride

A DIFFERENT group of bikers hit the road in Warwick yesterday as part of the Road Riders for Jesus Blanket appeal.

Southland Missions and the Road Riders for Jesus group joined forces to collect donated blankets and then transported them to Spring Leigh Park, Boonah, where the Mama Rene's charity organisation took delivery of the blankets, which are to be distributed in Brisbane.

Road Riders for Jesus chaplain Trevor Springate said the number of blankets donated was great.

"It's not just blankets; we've had plenty of warm clothes and other useful items donated too," he said.

"We've got enough blankets to fill a four-wheel drive and a car.

"It's great to get involved and support Southland for such a great cause."

Southland Missions treasurer Pat Tweedie said she had seen the need for the blankets firsthand.

"We (Chris and I) have seen the long lines of people queuing up for the blankets when they are handed out," Mrs Tweedie said.

"There are a few more young families and single mums turning for help too.

"It certainly impacts you more when you see it firsthand.

"It's just great to be able to help those out who need it."

It is not too late to get involved. If you would like to donate to either Southland Missions or the Road Riders for Jesus, visit and click on the "Your Help" button.

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