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Members of the Christian Victory Centre, David and Nathanial Leigh, Ann and Errol Rieck, Pastor Trevor Springate and Mick Billsbough.

Article - Free Times - Warwick QLD


THE Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) will be making its mark in Warwick over the next month.

Members of the Christian Victory Centre have jumped on board to help spread the word in the community and get a foothold in the region.

They have formed the first Warwick AAIC committee and plan to start making their presence known soon.

Pastor Trevor Springate is right behind the campaign having experienced both sides of the drug war. “I was hooked on drugs,” he said.
“I had my big conversion. I was in the lounge room myself one night drunk and stoned and woke up and I was clean. The next day I was healed. I was sick of the lifestyle. It’s the lifestyle that gets you.”
The committee currently has five members and is planning a barbecue next month as their first introduction into the community with high schools already notified about their plans.

“We’re going to start off small. If just want people to come down and meet, it’s a place to meet each other,” he said.
Mr Springate jumped on board because he said he could see what the drug was doing to the community.

“We haven’t got as an epidemic here in Warwick, but when it hits, it hits. The money is huge. It’s not just teenagers who get addicted, it can be business workers, whatever, it doesn’t discriminate,” he said.
“People need to be aware of what’s going on because they don’t see it.

“These addicted people spend this money on drugs and it doesn’t go back to the community, it just goes back to the drugs, it affects the whole community.
“Whatever we can do out there to make a better community, we’ll do what we can.”

The free barbecue is planned for Wednesday 4 November, at 3pm, at Leslie Park. The committee would like to invite any youths to come down for a chat and something to eat after school.

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